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(no subject)

Sep. 16th, 2009 | 11:26 pm

its been a little over a week since my last post.
brodie and i had our 6th month anniversary on the 13th :)<3. he made me a really cute dinner and i got flowers and a card and stuff. the day before i went to bed bath and beyond to look for a small kitchen scale that he could use to scale certain things in grams. so the one i bought measured both grams and ounces... but when we opened it, turns out it measures grams in increments of ten :/. but thats okay i think.. haha.
i havent been able to use my car for a while now. i was at the library picking up a book for school and my car wouldnt start. so for a week i've been either using my dads car or not having one. hopefully ill get it back soon from the mechanics if they would just figure out what the fuck is wrong already.

i opened up a student bank account yesterday with bank of america. brodie and i made $10 because i was his refferal :). ill be getting a WWF debit card with a panda on it really soon. thats exciting. i've been slowly trying to transfer money from my accounts, but i have to hurry up if i want ot get it done by the end of the month. before teobaldo extracts the 263. 200 for car and 63 insurance. thats why im happy i made this account on my own. he cant touch it. he doesnt even use that bank. and i can make my own investments for like cds and stuff... which im pretty interested in.

school hasnt been to bad. we 'ran' the mile yesterday. i didnt make it in the 14 minutes. neither did kat, or renee. kat doesnt really have lungs, renee rather not run, and i physically cannot. so apparently i'll be getting a zero. which isnt really fair at all, because if i wanted a zero i could've simply not ran/walked/jogged at all. i could have been like, russo, im not going to try. BUT I TRIED; although it was a pitiful try in the eyes of anyone a little more athletic than me, i still deserve full credit.

anywho; i just got back from brodies. we did homework together and i helped him catch up on some copying of makeup-work, now that hes back at hightstown. his mom got me sushi :). i really like her.
i got an 87 on my ins quiz today! not too shabby. i'll take it.
i finished my 60 pts for accelerated reader the other day. without reading a single independent book ;).
i put out the football jerseys by myself today. drove nicks jeep fora little, but some gas in it.. ate three bowls of cereal, then took a nap, got some coffee.. took out some money. and then went to brodies like i said before.

still no birthday gift from my 'best friends'. according to one of them, im not a good friend because i dont want to meet the others 'boyfriend'. if they REALLY wanted me to meet him, and wanted chris and brett to meet brodie, i still dont understand why we werent invited on their tripple date. honestly, dont tell me that we werent invited because we 'dont know them' (them includes bett's bro and accompanying gf)...... if we're supposed to all meet and be friends. oh and im glad shes aspiring to work at hooters. thats great, really. it'll look real tasteful on your resume.  at hooters, attention is attracted to breasts, purposely. men go for a good time, and families go for the 'chicken wings'. so i suppose most intellectual individuals, at age 17, with self respect and dignity work there? who dont crave for attention, just purely want 'good tips'? any parent would be proud of their daughter for working there, im sure.

im brutal, sarcastic, and the best friend you could ever have.
i think i get it from my mother...

goodnight :)

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9/6 and 9/7

Sep. 7th, 2009 | 10:50 pm

so i forgot to mention i took my drivers test and passed on 8/31 :). i couldnt go with darlene cause she was fired.. so i went with diane and shes a bitch. i went and ate lunch with brodie.. then i went to the school and got my parking permit and then went to sonic with brodie and yada yada yada saw steph n lauren n taryn yada yada went offroading in assipink, it was so fresh yada yada.
we decided to call shit quits after i felt like i was getting stuck in sand.. yada yada. gooood times.
oh then i saw kat and mib and we chilled at wawa and communicated with some rednecks and a car speaker thing using my horn. it was weird.

sunday i worked 7 hours :).
today i went to brodies and we wanted to make eggs.. so we leave for shoprite when we discover that i have a dead battery. so we jump it using tims car.... which was fine and i called papi and we're about to meet him at adv auto parts when my car decided to spazzout and die again in the middle of hightstown. you know, right in the middle. where theres the light, a brick median, and flower pots blocking any exit. so i held up quite a line of traffic and felt really bad because basically all of us were trapped. so i kinda just sat there crying and this really nice black lady that was behind me came over and we talked and brodie had gone to the firehouse ... and in the midst of my car making beepy buzzing sounds with or without my key in the ignition, my car started and i pulled into a parkinglot whereeee my dad took over and we dropped it off at the mechanic. i've been using his car today.... it has good pickup for a weenie beetle.
everyone thinks my alternator is busted. meaning that theres nothing to charge my battery.. which is why my battery died. cause i know i didnt pull some shit where i left my lights on or something like that.. but from what i hear alternators are pricey to fix... and that sucks. but i rather get shit fixed now than later.

i only got to work for 4 hours today but got that holiday paaaay.
i really enjoy going out for dinner and coffee runs on the clock. i can take the long way, not get yelled at, AND get paid :).
brodie smashed his phone into the ground today. we got nachoes tonight. i just got back from his house. he so cuteee :)<3.

i get to walk to school tomorrow. i cant use either of my parents' cars and they wont insure nicks jeep for a week because his insurance is whack and suspended with some military thing and un-suspending it would fuck everything up. COOL. sorry steph :\.

i tried painting my nails this pearl pink color... but successfully peeled/scratched it all off.

estoy sueño.

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Sep. 6th, 2009 | 10:43 am

so i last updated this 42 weeks ago. basically, a whole lot of stuff has changed.
lets see...

i quit from atlanta bread because sam is a dick and he didnt give me enough hours.
mib helped get me a job at dollar tree :). i love it there.
im dating brodie decker.. and i love him. and we're boutta be at 6 months on the 13th.
3/13 is important and so is 5/26. <3.
i bought a car. white 98 jeep wrangler sahara. 6 cyl automatic. brand new tires, tan interior. a little over $8000. its the best.
this summer at toddler camp i got a raise. i was the oldest. somedays we only had 6 kids.
i visited point park univeristy and embry-riddle this summer. i got to see brielle<3. i slept at her house, drank at her friend spencers.. got tacobell. chatted with her parents. met ilysas bf... played with the dog. and then went back to daytona. i bonded with uncle jerry. hes so fresh.
i turned 17 on the 29th. my birthday was a disaster. it started nicely seeing brodie and jon and just chillen. i got to see mib later for cake.. never got to see kat because i 'didnt give her plans'... so, she went to montclair with chris. i feel like thats some bullshit. steph and lauren told me they were going to take me out for my birthday. you know, do something nice for ME. but my best friends couldnt think of that? let alone kat makes it seem like i have to come to her on my birthday begging to hang out, because shes oh so busy with chris...? i havent gotten a gift from them either.... not that i expect one but dont tell me you have it for me and then i never get it... brodie got me a gps. parents got me $100, cash. nick gave me $1000, cash. no thats not a typo.
ive been looking into getting a stereo system for my car. should be about $1500.... i had an interesting time looking for the sound auto store.
my senior year just started. brodie wont be going to hhs :/ but scicore, rather.
im taking individual in society, english, pre calc, visual basic, lunch, gym, double study hall, choosing to participate and accounting.
tims in my lunch.. kind of awkward considering we had that falling out of sorts over pills back in the day and hadnt talked since...
football season is here too. so far i've barely showed up to any practices let alone scrimmages. we have new manager, her names victoria.

yesterday steph lauren and i attempted going to mt misery to see creepy things and such. we took the jeep and i drove. it was spooky and we didnt even really see that much. we'll be going back soon.

pretty recently i've fallen inlove with sonic. i reallly love it.

ill be sure to update this more often and neglect it a little less.

im off to work in 15 minutesss....

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Nov. 14th, 2008 | 11:36 pm

so much has happened since then. maybe not really.
currently im a little fucking annoyed.
YOU, you, yes. you. at you. you're changing and i dont fucking like it and you're selfish and trying to be a fucking smart sneak. fuck you, really.
dont tell me the things i want to hear. cause thats not what im looking for. so fuck you. there. ok?

anyway. football seasons over today. last game in carteret. it was fun but i didnt like seeing everyone upset at the end. but its whatever.
mib didnt go. she missed out on bananas, nikes, a zillion flights of stairs, and halls of crazilypainted walls.

ehh a couple weeks ago i made a drunky oops. and now things arent the same but its not a big loss on either part, so i just see it asa nationality to check off the list.

recently i've gone to ny w. k&m.i baught alot.
i worked on halloween.
hayleys party was the day after. that night was Nuts. long story short, i spent my night passed the fuck out in tim norris's basement, after picking me up from a parkinglot across from brooktree, as i sat under a jeep with a costume, beer, bud, and curfew all working against me. well, the costume wasnt really affecting me but i still wish i didnt have to carry it around.

anywho. the next day i went to work.
nick turned 20 on the 3rd. i baught his gift the other day.

sam gave me one day on the schedule this week. im working sunday. wow. my next paychecks going to suck wenis.

last i checked i have straight a's. but im borderline 90 in a few classes. so we'lll see.

idkwhats going on now....?

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wednesday til nooow

Oct. 27th, 2008 | 05:35 am

wednesday after the eid party jon and i snjed. pictures are on flickr.
thursday kat and i went to tacobell with athifomarandniraj.
friday i slept in the rivers. we went to kennys fora little with athif.
saturday, ny, was good. afterwards was okay.
sunday i worked a 13 hr shift.

today is monday. im sobering up. idk if im sobver yet. im trying eraly hard to type this good. i started this morning and im finishing now.
sam threatened to fire me today. when i went in to get my paycheck fixe.dwwhatever.
im tired vbyee

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(no subject)

Oct. 21st, 2008 | 10:03 pm

it bugs me that some people just cant be happy with who and what they have. ever. lately. fuckigdfgkn.

this weeeek i've been working. a lot. shit.
hopefully this weekend is good. im working sunday. wtfwrgfetrfq

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Oct. 12th, 2008 | 10:37 am

:)! it was really nice.
i got home from kats around 10. napped for four hours. rita tells me her and teobaldo were headin out to penn for the day to visit laura. im like k. so i go shower. and i wanted to figure out what was the best way to take advantage of a nag-free home til like 9. so it was either have a little shindig that needs to relocate by 9, but that was out cause those are always bad ideas. so i shower and whatnot, i pick up steph, and i drive to taco bell. yup, i drove. lmao, i took my dads dumb volkswagen out for the day. luckily nicks spare keys for his car are in his room and not with him in california :). after tacobell we went to the bank, hamilton, barnesandnobles, target, picked up mib, 7/11, gas station, picked up alcohol, and safely made it back here. aww, so cute.
in the process i passed 3 cops, had 3 people in the car (made mibby duck on occaaassssion), made cute boys feel awkward (<3), locked the steering wheel by accident, turned the gas station into a maze, freaked mib out as soon as she got into the car, and i got to see matt! yay, matt hahaha. for some reason he always sees me in the midst of when im in an interesting situation, good or bad. or i somehow end up talking to him later that night and he gets to hear all about it. he prolly thinks im the most retarted thing..... hahaha, oh well.

ohhman, good shit. idk, i guess thats the feeling you get the first day you get your liscense at 17.
BUT, since im not 17, i felt like i was in 8th grade again. which was the next best feeling.
i was JUST talking to kat the other day about how our little 6 groupie isnt nearly as spontaneous and down for anything stupid and crazy as we all used to be back in the day.

i wont make this a habit, but if and when the opportunity pops up again, ill prooobably take it :).

booooo i have to go to work in 2 hours. sundays are poop.

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this whole week

Oct. 11th, 2008 | 10:27 am

tuesday i went to work after school. i learned line. it was fun but i foreallly dont like jessica. at all. beeotch.
wednesday i went to work again and andrea trained me in the bakery andddd it was fun hahaha.
thursday i did two group projects, and went to the mall inbetween them to get mibs gift, with the little amt of money i have. i did good though, i think (: .. the harold&kumar project didnt really get anywhere but the park was amusing.
friday... yesterdaaayyyyy was another homegame that we lost. it was fun regardless but idk. stinks losing. wegot free pizza. afterwards i slept in le rivs and we had good times.... aaand we realize theres a buttfuck of people outside at 2am. or atleast more than we'd EVER think. and theres drunk white dudes on bikes. and such.
err but before the game there was all this hokus pokus about weed..
basically viren had to get drug tested out of nowhere because 'some' teacher narked him out. though he'd come up negative for drugs anyway. so then that fucked up the groups project plans. and then a friend of mine had ironically given me free shit the period before.... for no reason. but thats another fucking retarted story. anywho. so then i was buggin' cause it wasnt the smartest idea for me to be in school with that shit while a kid from my group project (based around weed) is getting accused. but i had no choice and had to stick around to run around looking for wex because we're all pretty sure hes the one who sent viren in. which is fucked up. event hough he denies it. but anyway, so now we have until tuesday instead of monday. but THEN once i left school i got a convienient txt from another friend and they had baught what i had gottten earlier. and i made $12 ;). i know, wtf 12? im so silly hahaha.

idk whats going on for today. i dont know if we can do the project, i dont know if i have to go to work... i kinda wana snj with jon but he might be at work. sheeeksssjhskjsh.

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Oct. 6th, 2008 | 10:14 pm

sunday is a complete blur. i dont remember it. i know i finished my othello verse though :)!

today ehh school was school-ey. i hate english. i hate the way mrs fallone talks. anywho.
i had my first day of woooooork! and im so beat. but i got a shitload of free food. seriously like they throw out so much stuff at the end of the day. they could end world hunger.
kat and i agree the spanish ladies think they can take advantage of me. im not that dumb, but ill play along for now. haha. i broke the mop today. and the windex bottle... and i did a lot of cleaning. lmao. AND I MADE A SANDWHICH. and i took out some trash. and i.... gave a dude a cookie.

sleep? yeeeus.

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Oct. 4th, 2008 | 11:39 pm

friday was  hc game and such. i love the cookies steph and i baked for the team, socutesocuteee.
the game was fun, as usual, though we lost... as usual, hahahah. ohhh i saw addy and randys still in rehab but hes getting out sometime this year! ......... ? haha.
i had a decent night afterwards. anywho.

today we went to ab and such-ed. blah blahblaaaaah otherstufff.
its 1:00 and i just got off the phone. tis early.

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