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Jul. 20th, 2008 | 12:39 am

thursday i slept at kats. we were supposed to go to a party but idk that plan got fucked with. we ended up chillen in the backyard and we had indian beer, chinese beer, portugese beer, and french beer. NEVER drink indian beer. holy fuck it is so bad. i could sware that theres curry in it.... anyway. we drank and smoked the rest of the banana.

friday i went to work, only to be dissapointed that val nicole and alex were all in nyc seeing hannah montana. it was weird without all of them there ahhaha. i got meee $$ and hot fries and we tie-dyed and blah blah OH it was briannas last day ):, but she gave me a tip even though im not in her group :). i was her favorite, yup yup yup. im going to miss her :\.
afterwards i was with steph and we were around and had the best time ever, laughing over chocolate milk that didnt exist and smooshed pie on my kitchen floor.

todaaaay i was with tim and we wawa-ed and park-ed annddd it was good to see him. twas like old times.....hahahha. we're really alike in weird ways. i dont feel like explaining. oh we saw joe! and yeah it was all hihi yes yes. i miss him, weirdly. anywho.. i went to the mall anndddd i got some stuff and i got part of brielles gift and i saw vinny and i waved! woo.. hahaha. i coulda sworn he told me a while back he was banned from the mall... whatever. ehh all of us got caught up with each other on everything, kinda. hajar had some interesting stories. oh yeah we got part of taryns gift. and theeeeeen we went to laurens for a few minutes and i tried explaining to athif how to get to nl. and then we went to taco bell. and then we went to stephs and i had the time of my life. and now im home. and i finished those hot fries that i baught on friday. they were great.

because tim has a job at taco bell now, no treehouseflyin' for tomorrow :\. assholes.
thats kind of cute though. bros in the same place of employment.

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